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Stepping Stones Learning Center of Paxton
Stepping Stones Of Paxton
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Toddlers (15 Months - 2.9 Years)

Stepping Stones Learning Center believes toddlers can play to learn and learn by playing. 


We encourage and provide opportunities to learn while practicing language, movement, problem solving, and socialization within safe, consistent routines and relationships.


 Our toddlers are in constant motion!  We move them through many play areas, changing toys and materials often to keep things interesting and fun. You will see toddlers move quickly from one activity to another. They sit only for short periods of time. Toddlers are discovering how much they can do when they have a safe place to work on newly acquired skills. They begin to trust themselves as learners when adults honor and support these accomplishments.


The area designed for toddlers has play areas such as book area, puzzles, manipulative, dramatic play, crafts, fine motor, letter and number recognition.


Our teachers spend much of their day on the toddler’s eye level.  The teachers facilitate play/learning choices while encouraging language and social skills.


With toddlers we begin the process of routines into their exciting life around the days’ schedule; however, we realize that each child has their own style and pace for learning.


Our Teachers will provide parents with bulletins, newsletters, and individualized updates regarding your toddler.  Communication between parents and staff is a priority.

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Stepping Stones Learning Center of Paxton
66 Maple Street, Paxton, MA
Phone: 508-752-STEP (7837)